Three of my favourite artists

January 9, 2019

A few of my favourite artists…


Part of my practice as an artist is to make a point of really seeing  the world. And I love the way other people see and interpret their worlds. There are so many AMAZING artists out there, these are just three of my favourites:


Ju Ming


Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming is one of my biggest heroes. After visiting his incredible sculpture park in the north of Taiwan, it happened that the world took shape in reference to his figures and not the other way around. Huge, weightless, textured, subtle and most importantly beautiful… Ju Ming’s work makes me feel like I’ve woken up to a brand new world.


See: Ju Ming on artnet


Jimmy Liao




It’s difficult to express this man’s absolute genius in words. His work is playful, quirky, exciting, heart-warming and simply sublime. In Taiwan, he is a national treasure and his illustrations have come to life in parks and between busy roads. It was Jimmy who set my imagination on fire when I encountered his books in Chinese, with no words to explain them, the experience was powerful. Still today, his creatures accompany me everywhere and every now and again I just sit with one of his books and melt into his world…


Most highly recommended: The Sound of Colours, When the Moon Forgot and Beautiful Solitude


Jimmy Liao on Facebook

Yuko Shimizu



This New York based illustrator has worked for EVERYONE. Her style is an incredible fusion of traditional Japanese calligraphy and modern print aesthetic. I think her love of comics really comes through in her images and poster design. I can pour over her books for hours… but its more than that, her social persona is caring, thoughtful and intelligent. I’m awed by the sheer volume of work that she produces and by the unfaltering quality…


Yuko Shimizu's website


These are just three, and each one inspires me to push on, to do more, to be better at being me and to constantly strive. 


I’d love to hear who inspires you… find me on Facebook@AndrewJamesHofmeyr



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