Painting Amsterdam - Art Commission

April 6, 2018

I love doing commissions. This last one was for a Dutch couple from the Bloom Estate in Swellendam. Carla and Maarten live here in South Africa while Reinier, their son lives in Amsterdam. For the arrival of Reinier and Floor’s first child, they wanted to give them something really special. 


“Filling a painting with memories is a real privilege” -AJH


The picture is based around Amsterdam. To populate it Carla and Maarten gave me Reiniers’ street address and a list of local land marks from the Tropen Museum (where Floor works) to the Westertoren and the Blue Café at the Vondel Park.


In a perfect world I’d fly off to Amsterdam to do some first-hand research, get a feel for the streets and the animals that you find around the canals and use these for the painting. Alas, my money tree has not yet come into bloom and so I spent A LOT of time on Google Earth and chatting with Facebook friends in Amsterdam.


“something about the process just fills me with a giddy, child-like sense of joy” -AJH


I LOVE doing commissions. I get to know people and places and something about the process just fills me with a giddy, child-like sense of joy. In this Amsterdam painting I managed to fit in the South African connection with the Bloom Estate façade and the big five, Floor’s parent’s house in Harlem, their car, a few Bob Dylan records (something about that song Times they are a changing), baby Pele, his buggy, toy monkey and fox and of course Floor and Reinier’s house.


Luckily there are plenty of foxes in Amsterdam!


One of the things I love about doing these works of art is that I really get to look and get blown away by the amazing architectural details.


One day, when I visit Amsterdam I am going to visit all of these places. And I know that it is going to be like walking in a dream, familiar yet strange.


Have a look at some of the other commissions that I have done, here - commissioned artworks.


You are also welcome to commission an artwork of your own, as a gift for someone special or for your own home or office. Send me an email telling me what you would like and I will reply with a quote shortly. My commissions are reasonably priced and highly personalised to show the places and landmarks that matter to you.


Get your own personalised painting that tells your story! 





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Painting Amsterdam - Art Commission

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