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Artist Andrew James Hofmeyr was born and raised on the mean suburban streets of Johannesburg. After an early love affair with the City of Gold, he left for the magic of Hogsback in the Eastern Cape before moving abroad first to Taiwan and then to the UK. 


Inspired by the environment, be it city streets or forest glades, running giraffes or scuttling stick insects, Andrew feeds off the world around him. For Andrew, telling stories is an integral part of how we make meaning in the world and the narrative journey is a strong theme in all of his work. It is no surprise then that he has a Masters degree in English literature and has been known to dabble in the alchemy of children’s literature.


Quirky, playful, whimsical, child-like and energetic Andrew’s work is difficult to place and decidedly modern. Asked about his work he says “It’s such a gift to be able to create and having fun and bringing an element of play to my work is something that I take very seriously. When someone sees my work and they break into a smile or a laugh, that is what keeps me going; to resonate on a level of irrepressible joy”.

These days, Andrew (aka the Fox Man) lives with his partner at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains in the small town of Swellendam, South Africa. He has two dogs (Life and Zac) and four cats (Jimmy the Fluff, Delilah, Marvello and Captain Rocket Kapow). ​

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